X-Terra 705 Universal Metal Detector

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Product Description

The X-TERRA 705 is an excellent dual purpose metal detector, which makes it perfect for hunting coins, jewelry, and relics in gardens, sand and clay soils. Performance and features driven, the versatility of this detector makes it without question, the leading detector in this category. The specialized Prospecting Mode has improved sensitivity making the detector more sensitive to small target signals. The Prospecting Mode can be used in difficult, highly-mineralized areas. The high-frequency Double-D Coils are adept at searching for gold nuggets and small relics and some types of jewelry. Packed with features and offering you the ultimate in flexibility, the X-TERRA 705 is a superior detector that will find you more, more often.

Box Contains

Control box
Upper/lower/middle shafts
assembly kit

VFLEX technology the new class of single frequency detectors, change the frequency easily by changing coils
Compatible with low, mid and high frequency coils – all 7 X-TERRA accessory coils can be used
Manual ground balance adjustment range is from 1 to 90 with automatic, beach, tracking and tracking settings