Quest X5 Metal Detector Plate 9 x 5 + Cover Plate Novelty 2019 Price: £179.95 (as of 15/10/2019 17:21 PST- Details)

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Quest X5 Metal Detector Plate 9 x 5″ + Cover Plate New 2019

New in the 2019 panorama of entries, Quest X5, the new entry level low cost metal detector with extremely attractive features in proportion to the sales price.
The Quest X5 is aimed at an audience who is facing the fantastic hobby of metal detecting for the first time and wants a performance metal detector but at the same time easy to set up and ready for research.
The new Quest X5 metal detector offers great features including:
– Large display
– 3 pre-set search programs: coins, jewellery and all metal
– Integrated Pinpointer
– Volume adjustment
– Soil balance (unique on this price range to have this important function)
– Rechargeable battery
– LED to illuminate the plate area so you can search for it at night
– Double D plate
– Lightweight, only 945 grams
Technical data sheet
– Frequency 8 kHz
– 6 speeds
– USB rechargeable battery
– Fully waterproof
– LED torch
– Soil balance
– 3 Search Modes
– Adjustable sensitivity
– Adjustable volume
– Depth indicator
– Ultra-light: only 850 grams

What Is In The Listing
No. 01 Metal Detector Quest X5
No. 01 Plate Cover

No. 01 Metal Detector Quest X5
No. 01 Plate Saver Cover