LC-Detector Metal Detector, Smart LCD Display Waterproof Probe Adjustable Treasures Seeking Tool With Carry Bag Shovel Headset Flashlight (Color : White) Price: £326.15 (as of 09/12/2019 05:56 PST- Details)

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Type: Smart Metal Detector

Host: LCD display

Alarm mode: sound / number

Detection mode: all metal / iron

Probe waterproof: can be operated underwater

Instrument net weight: about 1.3kg

Host size: 112*12.5*6cm/ckh

Probe size: 33*33cm/ckh

Package weight: 3.5kg

The product does not contain a battery.


▶ Pinpoint function

▶ High Sensitivity

▶ Waterproof Search Coil


Carry bag




★★★The fun multi-function metal detector, perfect for finding buried gold, silver and other exciting treasures!

[HIGH SENSITIVITY] – When you are near the metal, it will emit a sound, which is very suitable for finding metal objects and any place where you need to detect hidden metal. Look for gold and silver jewelry on the floor, coins and other metals, as well as the pipes hidden underneath.
[PORTABLE& USER-FRIENDLY] – With a non-slip and a backrest at the back of the hand to reduce the force of the hand. Do not have to worry about slipping or tired when using it. Attached travel bag is convenient for outdoor placement and helps to prevent the detector from being wear.
[THE CHANCES OF GETTING A TREASURE ARE GREAT] – The diameter of the probe is large and waterproof, making the detection range wider and unaffected by the venue.
[THE MACHINE IS LIGHT] – The whole machine is about 1.3kg, and the probe is made of aviation material, which is easy and convenient to operate.