Teknetics G2 Metal Detector with 11-inch DD Coil

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Product Description

The G2 metal detector is designed specifically to find the smallest gold nuggets in the most highly mineralized soils. Extraordinary Performance in both Discrimination & Auto-Tune Modes. Continuous Ground Condition Readout (monitor ground changes on-the-fly). V-Break: Variable-Tone Breakpoint Adjustable Audio. Independent threshold & Gain Control. Unmatched target separation in iron trash; finds nonferrous targets which other machines miss due to iron masking. Ground balance range extends all the way to saltwater for beach use. Extraordinary Sensitivity to tiny Gold Nuggets

Box Contains

Metal Detector

Threshold and Gain Adjustments – 1 9v power supply
1/4 and 1/8 inch Headphone Jack – Large LCD Screen with 0-99 numeric target identification display
Lightest weight / Best ergonomics in the industry – No-Motion pinpoint
2 Search modes All-Metal and Discriminate – 19kHz Operating Frequency
2 Tone VCO – Depth readout and running signal strength indicator