Minelab CTX-3030 Waterproof Metal Detector w/ Exclusive Accessory Package

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he CTX 3030 is Minelab’s most advanced high performance treasure detector and will find you more treasure among trash than any other detector. It incorporates integrated GPS functions, wireless audio options and the most advanced target discrimination available in a sleek, sturdy, waterproof design. With the CTX 3030 and the X-Change 2 PC application you can download, upload, edit and store detector settings and GPS data, such as Find Points (find locations) and Geo Hunts (entire hunts), using your Personal Computer (PC). The CTX 3030 will locate valuable metal objects in a variety of mineralized ground conditions, including extremely salty soils, sea water, wet beach sand and highly magnetic ground conditions. Versatile features allow you to easily customize your CTX 3030 for your specific requirements.