Garrett ACE 400i Metal Detector

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The Garrett ACE 400i metal detector: an evolution of one of the most sold metal detectors in the world the Garrett EURO ACE (ACE 350 in the USA) The Garrett ACE 400i metal detector is the premium range of Garrett ACE i metal detectors, which complements the current Garrett ACE range. The Garrett ACE 400i detector is an evolution of one of the most purchased leisure detection devices in France and around the world, the Garrett Euro ACE. It already has the essential assets to discover the fun of detection. It is a low-cost, very easy-to-use metal detector with many options (including pinpoint and customisation of detection mode) that perform in terms of detection depth and is very lightweight. The pinpoint allows it to precisely locate the target on an area and know where to dig to unearth it. The Garrett ACE 400i metal detector is a super metal detector to start low-cost leisure detection, with the settings and options of a high-end metal detector. It also has visual discrimination via its large LCD screen and its NOTCH, and audio discrimination through its multi-tone functionality. The Garrett ACE 400i metal detector will therefore sound sharp for the most conductive targets, medium for targets with medium conductivity, and deep for ferrous targets. These 5 pre-programmed detection modes allow you to start detection leisure very easily: Zero-disc: All metal mode Jewellery: (advised by our expert detection) will exclude ferrous materials. Jewellery-specific modes normally detect everything. Custom: mode can be customised From the right buttons DISCRIM and V/X, you can choose through the screen and the NOTCH the types of metals or targets to exclude. Coin: coin mode, which will exclude certain metals, namely ferrous materials. Attention: excludes a NOTCH Foil (aluminium) that can also correspond to an interesting metal. Relics: Detection mode minimises the exclusion of ferrous materials In fact, it is intended to find relics often made of iron hence its low exclusion. Extensive improvements thanks to user feedback from the Garrett ACE range In response to feedback from many users using the highly known Garrett ACE range and notably the EURO ACE, Garrett Metal Detector has improved this ACE i range and especially the ACE 400 i accordingly. The US brand of leisure detection shows how it is listening to its customers. The Garrett ACE 400i detector has many features in terms of settings and options compared to the EURO ACE: Indication of target conductivity, allowing the user of this metal detector to also identify the likely nature of the target thanks to this number from 1 to 100 (100 being the most conductive target). Rod tightening rings to prevent rod from moving and becoming loose over time. Iron Audio: As with the high-end Garrett AT Pro model, the Garrett ACE 400i detector has this IRON AUDIO that allows you to hear excluded ferrous materials by a minute sound when you activate it via the IRON AUDIO button. You will also have the option of recognising two targets with identical conductivity but with different properties (e.g. aluminium and gold). Increased frequency of 10 kHz (increased detection depth performance). Detection frequency failover, avoiding interference when detecting with other surrounding prospects. Comes with a 18 x 26 cm disc protector, Garrett Clear Sound audio headphones and Garrett rain cover.

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