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Best Waterproof Metal Detectors

Metal detecting is an activity you can do anywhere — at your local park, in the backyard of your house, in an open site, and in many other places. But, you’re going for a summer vacation at the beach and have no idea what metal detector is good for underwater detecting. Worry no more! Searching […]

 13 Best Ever Metal Detecting Finds

13 Best Ever Metal Detecting Finds Have you ever dreamed of unearthing treasure that would make you rich for the rest of your days? For these people that dream became a reality. With Metal Detecting the chances of unearthing something great is always going to be there weather that being gold, Roman coins or Viking […]

Best Metal Detectors for Beginners Buying Guide 2019

What is the best beginners metal detector? If you have done some online browsing on metal detectors you will be aware that their is a large number to choose from. This can be confusing at times as many metal detectors can be different from one another. As a beginner you will want to look for […]

Best Metal Detectors for Kids Reviewed

What is the best metal detector for a kid? The weight is important because if it’s too heavy it will weigh down your child. Also the height of the device is something to take into consideration. A device with an adjustable shaft is something you should always look into when buying a device for a […]

Top 10 Best Metal Detectors Buying Guide 2019

What is the best metal detector? The truth is, there is no universally best metal detector. The right one for you depends on your skill, budget and several other factors. You should be asking yourself what is the best metal detector for my need’s. First decide what kind of detecting you would like to pursuit, […]

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